Ralph Hasenhüttl’s Southampton turnaround has been impressive while West Ham might end up giving Manuel Pellegrini a £10m severance package for little gain

A lot of clubs have spent the season yo-yoing round the Premier League. In early November Bournemouth were seventh and Brighton were eighth, and now both are fighting relegation; Crystal Palace were seventh at the beginning of December and now they aren’t looking comfortable; Southampton have appeared doomed, safe and now look uncertain again; Burnley have crossed the halfway line eight times already. Beneath the highest two, there’s real competitive balance; people have always said that within the Premier League anyone can beat anyone, and this year – apart from Liverpool, and Manchester City once they turn it on – it’s actually true.

As a result there are unexpected teams at the highest , where Leicester are still going toe-to-toe with City and Sheffield United are within the European places, and there’s real quality at rock bottom . You check out Watford, West Ham, Aston Villa, Bournemouth – they need some very, excellent players, and altogether likelihood a minimum of one among those teams will go down.

The story of Southampton’s season should not have a cheerful ending but it’s already been remarkable. Between losing 9-0 reception to Leicester in October and taking place 4-0 at Anfield in their last league game they won seven of 14 league matches and never lost by quite one goal. Most teams would have capitulated then Leicester defeat but this one rolled up their sleeves. they need also shown the remainder of the league that sometimes teams can change without sacking a manager. https://www.judibolaterbaik.co judi bola terbaik di indonesia

I know if i used to be during a team who got spanked 9-0 there would be some serious conversations over the subsequent days.

I’m sure the coaching staff must are expecting the phone to ring that night, and someone to interrupt the bad news they were losing their jobs. within the meantime that they had to plan what they were getting to tell the players subsequent day, what subsequent training session was getting to be. Perhaps the sole thanks to go from there was up, but they still had to form it happen. this is often where a manager really earns his money: changing tactics, rebuilding confidence, ensuring the atmosphere is sweet and therefore the work ethic is robust .

One thing Southampton always had in their favour was a goalscorer in Danny Ings. Of the 13 players who have scored quite 10 goals this season, only Ings and Norwich’s Teemu Pukki play for teams within the bottom half. I don’t think there are many teams involved within the relegation scrap that wouldn’t be mid-table with an in-form Ings within the lineup. A team are often hard-working, fit, resilient, but if they don’t have a goalscorer they’re getting to find life difficult.