Germany defender was booed during win over Tottenham
‘If you boo me because of that then you are poor people’

Antonio Rüdiger was booed during Chelsea’s win over Spurs.

Antonio Rüdiger has said racism won when nobody was punished for allegedly racially abusing him at Tottenham in December and therefore the Chelsea defender has hit out at the Spurs fans who booed him at Stamford Bridge on Saturday, calling them “poor people”.

Rüdiger seemed to indicate he had been targeted by a monkey chant during Chelsea’s 2-0 away win two months ago, just for Spurs and therefore the Metropolitan police to seek out no evidence to support his complaint, and he believes speaking up has made him a much bigger target. agen sbobet terbaik

Some Spurs fans have accused the German centre-back of lying and he was greeted with jeers from the away end as fourth-placed Chelsea moved four points beyond José Mourinho’s side after a 2-1 home win.

“It’s sad,” Rüdiger said. “I don’t know why they might . Maybe it’s because I voiced about the racism. If you boo me due to that then you’re poor people. i’m sorry. this is often a symbol that we’ve a really big problem. At the top of the day i’m alone during this case because i’m the one who has got to swallow this. With the win it makes me feel a touch like, yes OK, but it makes me desire it’ll always be like this. For me, during this case, racism won.”

While Rüdiger didn’t blame Spurs or the police for closing their investigation last month he said the result isn’t a surprise. He questioned why nobody within the crowd came forward with information and acknowledged that a Chelsea supporter was arrested during an equivalent game after being reported by fellow fans for allegedly racially abusing the Spurs forward, Son Heung-min.

“I’m very careful with this,” Rüdiger said. “I’m not within the investigations. I’m not a policeman . I just hope always people do their job right. But nothing happened and, to be honest, it had been not a surprise. They always escape with it. Not always, sometimes they get punished but mostly they escape with it.

“The support from my club was there. Also players and everything. on behalf of me this wasn’t enough. These people got to be punished. they have educating. We all, even you, failed during this . If people are really honest we’ve numerous people coming into the stadium and therein game when it happened against me, Chelsea fans got arrested.